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February 2001

SICCDA Job Club gains momentum

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by Eimear O'Kane
THE SICCDA Job Club has just celebrated its first full calendar year of operation and with 87 per cent of participants finding work of some kind, the club looks set to go from strength to strength.

The purpose of the club, according to leader Ms Martina Quinn, is "to offer ongoing support to people looking for work who want to come off the dole. We assist them in their search for work through building up their self confidence and providing them with necessary skills."

The four-week course is run by Ms Barbara Brennan and Ms Quinn. Participants attend the course for formal sessions three mornings a week for four weeks. As part of their tutoring, all participants receive guidance on skills necessary for entering the workforce such as CV preparation, sourcing jobs, applying for a job, communication skills and interview techniques.

Ms Brennan and Ms Quinn also help people outside of these hours and spend extra time with those who need it.

Since the club was founded in October 1999, 97 people have taken part in the course. Sixteen per cent of these have found full-time work, nine per cent are currently in part-time employment, a quarter of all participants have gained some formal training or Community Employment and three per cent have decided to initiate their own enterprise. Out of the remaining participants, 34 per cent have taken referrals and only 13 per cent have remained unemployed.

The organisers have found many of those working full time are women who have found employment in secretarial, reception and administration positions.
"We've had women who have been at home for 20 years, all their children have been reared, and they've decided to come back to work," said Ms Quinn.

The training takes part on a group level or alternatively on a one-to-one basis and is open to anyone who is actively seeking work. Participants receive £15 for each week of the course they complete.

While the Job Club acts as a support to those wishing to gain employment, the main objective of the course is to encourage people to go out and find the work for themselves. Ms Quinn insists that they "don't see ourselves as teachers, we try to act as leaders and advisors and we try to support people as best we can".

Barbara Brennan and Martina Quinn can be contacted at 4536098 or 4150662